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Discover the City of the Ascending Dragon
Posted on: Wednesday 11 May 2016
In March last year, Kenya Airlines began scheduling fights to Hanoi for the first time, giving people the opportunity to discover the fascinating historic destination known as the City of the Ascending Dragon. Since then, more and more curious travellers have been availing themselves of the opportunity to explore a land long off-limits, a place full of ancient treasures where everybody has a story to tell. Could you be destined to join them?
Most of us are familiar with Vietnam as the war-ravaged country depicted in American films, and many people still expect it to be in poor condition, but the Hanoi of today is a bustling modern city with a lot going on. Yes, there are still some bombed-out buildings where the legacy of the war can be seen, but there are also gleaming modern edifices and surviving older buildings whose architecture is beautiful and fascinating. Hanoi was once famous for its superb hotels and today that reputation is beginning to return. Some of them are truly luxurious; especially the spa resorts that offer soothing treatments you won’t find anywhere else.
Hanoi is a place where elegant colonial-style public buildings sit side by side with majestic temples, where lush jungle crowds in around cool public plazas and where the streets are full of friendly people. It’s a city that is really worth seeing on any luxury holiday to Vietnam. You’ll find its shops full of fascinating local crafts, and its restaurants serving a distinctive cuisine that makes noodles and seafood taste better than ever. The pace of the city is gentle and well suited to a relaxing holiday experience but you could spend months here and keep on discovering new things. In the City of the Ascending Dragon, everything seems to be on the up.